Dan Real Films was created in 2008. It is a rapidly expanding film production company with an impressive, diverse portfolio of clients and projects.

The Founder, Dan Real, French-born, is an engineer major, with over 10 years in the high technology sector, who went on to pursue his cinema passion. 

He is particularly adept with worldwide leading brands in the consumer industry, including ones for beverages, games and medias.  

He has also directed video-productions of live music performances of artists including, Jamiroquai, Woodkid, Sébastien Tellier to name some.

The breadth of technical capabilities allows him to best tailor solutions to clients’ projects.

Dan is passionate of the film industry, starting video-editing his own footages and over the years, expanding his talents in DoP, mastering cameras and lights. He brings most attention to every detail from color grading to mastering the production workflows.

Together with his team, Dan offers great insight in understanding clients’ needs and rapidly addressing situations most efficiently and creatively.