You like to live stream on Youtube or Facebook?

Why not doing it on Instagram where your audience is?


Today anyone is able to create a live broadcast on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram Live with their smartphone.

But when it comes to jump into the professional world few platforms as Facebook or Youtube allow us to deliver a high-end video and audio format. 

At Dan Real Films we wanted to bring a professional solution to our clients to be able to broadcast their event on Instagram Live by using professional multi-camera setup instead of a smartphone.

How many times you can see brands using Instagram Live for a special events and you just turn it off because the quality of the picture and the sound are bad?

It's exactly how our solution fills the gap! 

Here are the advantages

  • Streaming Vertical Format (9:16).

  • Live stream up to 1 hour per session.

  • Broadcast Live or Pre-recorded content.

  • Stream on multiple Instagram account simultaneously.

  • You keep your audience on Instagram.

  • Professional Multi-camera setup and High Quality of sound.

  • We provide analytics and a chart of the evolution of the audience during the live.

9:16 is the new 16:9 

With the explosion of applications like Snapchat or Insta Stories the vertical video format (9:16) is becoming more and more a standard that professionals of the entertainment industry have to adapt fast.

When it comes to broadcast a live event on Instagram Live, our team recommends to think the whole production "Vertically" from the camera setup through the video mixers and the encoder. We deliver a format using 100% of the screen of a smartphone by keeping a great interactive experience for the audience.

Multiple Instagram Account Simultaneously?? 

Yes...imagine something...The Weeknd is doing a live concert sponsored by RedBull...and you are following either the artist or the brand (or both). Thanks to our architecture we are able to send the live stream on both account "Live" at the same time!

All the followers will be notified and will enjoy a multi-camera broadcast with a master sound quality. This is a crucial point for brands and artists who want to touch and keep their audience today where they are meaning...Instagram. 

No more swipe up, redirection or multi-tap to access to a live stream, you keep your audience in the same eco-system.

You are a brand, a marketing agency, an influencer or a production company and you need to create a high end live broadcast on Instagram Live. 

Our team will work with you to produce the content and/or to provide the service to deliver the signal on your Instagram Live account.